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Jimmy Contreras
Fashion & Lifestyle Expert

Jimmy Contreras has an opinion about everything — and PhillyStreetStyle is his forum. Welcome!

Follow along as Jimmy chronicles his fabulous, fashionable adventures on the streets of Philadelphia, New York, and beyond. Filled with a sassy mix of what’s hot and what’s new (and what he thinks about all that), is an unfiltered guide to the latest and greatest on fashion, accessories, spirits, eats, and more.

From his days in the non-profit world, being a retail queen, buyer, stylist, business owner, and now publicist…he knows a thing or two about it all. And if you take nothing else away from our time together, remember Jimmy’s two simple mantras: “always take off the very last thing you put on” and “matchy matchy is trashy trashy.” Oh, and “cheers!” Guess that’s three mantras…gotta love a threesome! xoxo

“If you haven’t heard, Contreras is like Stacy London, Clinton Kelly and Tim Gunn all rolled into a ball of energy with really great shoes.” –Philadelphia Style Magazine

“Jimmy Contreras is a force to be reckoned with in the Philadelphia fashion scene…”–

More to come. Stay tuned…


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